5 Interesting Facts That You Need To Know About the Different Sports

Sports, just like any other things, have a lot of interesting and fascinating facts which you have to discover. Once you have known these facts, you will be surprised that sports are not only a fun and enjoyable activity but a wonderful activity that already played a significant part in everyone’s lives as well. You have to check out and read the list below so that you will become aware of these interesting facts.

Given on the list below are the interesting facts which everybody, whether a sports enthusiast or not need to know about the different sports.

  1. There Is a Largest Bowling Center in the World

The first interesting fact that you need to know is about the largest bowling center in the world. You can find and see this largest bowling center in the country of Japan. The specific name of the bowling center is “Inazawa Bowling Center” which opened in the year of 1972. Furthermore, the bowling center has a total of 116 bowling lanes so you can expect that it can accommodate a huge number of people who want to play bowling. Also, there will be no long queue to get a chance to play the amazing sport.

  1. Women Cannot Play Ski Jumping In Olympics

The sport of ski jumping was first launched in the Winter Olympics in the year of 1924. Also in this time, all women are not allowed to play the sport. It is mainly because the committee thinks that women have no talent and capabilities to play the sport of ski jumping. However, in the year of 2009, some organizations and institutions for women sued the committee because they think that it is discrimination for all women. With this, in the year of 2014, all women are now given a chance to join and play the sport of ski jumping in the Winter Olympics.

  1. The Badminton has a Wonderful Shuttlecock

Another interesting fact which you have to know is that the sport of badminton has a wonderful shuttlecock. You have to know that the shuttlecock’s specific weight is 17 up to 19 ounces which have a distinct effect on the shuttlecock’s function. Simply because, when the shuttlecock is heavy, the quicker it will fly. Furthermore, it will also fly much quicker when the temperature is high and when the altitude is at a higher level. Lastly, the shuttlecock that you use to play the badminton can only last for a maximum of two sets of games.

  1. The National Sport of the Country of Japan

Every country has its national sport which the people take pride. As for the country of Japan, their national sport is the popular sumo wrestling. The sport is known to be as a competitive and aggressive sport. It requires a huge amount of force and strength to beat the opponent. You have to take your opponent outside the circle or ring so that you will win.

  1. The Oldest Football Association In The Whole World

Finally, you have to know that the oldest football association in the whole world is the “Sheffield FC.” It is recognized officially by the FIFA as the oldest football association since that the group is established in the year of 1857. In addition to that, the football association originally came from the country of England, particularly in South Yorkshire.

If you are eager to know the other interesting and fascinating facts about the different sports, you are advised to check out the web to help you.