See our list of 15 entertaining extreme sports.

  1. Coasteering
    Summary: pulling on diving, climbing, scrambling and swimming, this action requires participants to traverse the intertidal zone of a shore on foot or from swimming, without the aid of watercraft.
  2. Canyoning
    Summary: also known as canyoneering and river trekking, this game encourages participants to utilize a vast selection of techniques including climbing and rappelling to traverse scenic canyons.
  3. Snowmobiling
    Summary: established in 1959 as a manner of on-snow transport, modern snowmobiles (also known as sleds) are more commonly used for extreme street riding.
  4. Slacklining
    Summary: proponents call this evolution of walking, wherein participants float across a strip of nylon held taut between two points just over the ground. It could not look especially intense, but it’s very tough (and fantastic core exercise).
  5. Zip-lining
    Summary: often included as part of an eco-tour, zip-lining is the act of exposing an incline through a pulley attached to a cable that is suspended. Zip lines can also be known as zip slides and flying foxes.
  6. Flowboarding
    Summary: a hybrid of browsing and many board sports, flowboarding is the art of riding lsquo & an artificial;sheet tide ’ on a device that looks a bit like a skateboard.
  7. Bouldering
    Summary: climbing became so popular that it was considered for the 2020 Olympic games. The latest trend is bouldering, which suggests climbing without safety equipment.
  8. Ice swimming
    Summary: northern Europeans have been partial to an icy dip between sauna sessions for centuries, but the more modern International Ice Swimming Association deems an ice swim as a one-mile paddle in water below 5°C.
  9. White water rafting
    Summary: first tried on the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls in 1981, white water rafters navigate rapids graded from one to five (anything higher is considered unraftable) within an inflatable boat.
  10. Cheese rolling
    Summary: originating in the fifteenth century, this injury-prone action sees participants bill down a hill in pursuit of a round cheese.
  11. Kite surfing
    Summary: a fusion of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and gymnastics, kiteboarders utilize what’s known as a power kite to propel themselves across the ocean whilst standing on a specially designed board.
  12. Ice climbing
    Summary: ice climbers ascend ice formations, such as frozen waterfalls, with the aid of ice axes along with other special climbing equipment.
  13. Extreme ironing
    Summary: a type of performance art folks iron clothing in remote locations, ‘EI’ purports to combine the thrill of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a shirt.
  14. Zorbing
    Summary: Another Kiwi invention, zorbing is the act of rolling down a mountain in a transparent plastic ball. Elect to zorb solo, with buddies, or with plain water all in the name of fun.
  15. Bungee jumping
    Summary: motivated from Vanuatu’s land divers, the modern game of diving off a ledge while connected to a safety cable was popularised by Kiwi entrepreneur AJ Hackett.